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Petra Meyer

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#Change, #EmotionalIntelligence, #Coaching, #StrategicTeaming, #Leadership, #Fun, #Purpose, #StartUp, #CultureinOrganizations

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  • Change
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching
  • Strategic Teaming
  • Leadership
  • Fun
  • Purpose
  • StartUp
  • Organizations Culture
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What’s the glue that holds organizations together, what makes them really tick, what’s the “”one”” thing? Is it purpose, culture, leadership, EQ? Answering these questions has shaped my professional career, leading me to develop a process to optimize change in organizations. This process is driven by my passion for people and organizations experiencing change related challenges. I focus on an organization’s culture and development, including the future of work.

Over the last 17 years my team and I have worked with Startups. SMEs and international organizations, and I have gained experience in consulting and training with boards, leaders and organizational development. I have often worked with innovative organizations, but they were challenged by weak organizational development or dysfunctional teams. Supporting these organizations in their development, in their growth and in their success has become my core professional focus

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