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Patrick Christopher Ehler


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// Know How


  • Intuition​
  • Holistic Health
  • Nutritional Science
  • Prevention Of Dis-ease
  • ​Improving Global Health
  • Cellf-Awareness
// May I…

Im Gespräch

Wer bist du? Was macht dich aus?

unconventional & conventional, relatively dogma free

Was bringst du ein?

I wrote a book, I study constantly things that are relevant to health and well being

Warum stehst du am morgen auf?

To be and do what is my mission

Für was setzt du dich ein?

Improving Global Health & Improving Global Peace

Was willst du noch lernen?

All that gives me Joy… Let’s see… currently I’m interested and studying more about the 2 topics. Improving Global Health & Improving Global Peace

// About


“Patrick Ehler was born in 1988 in Germany. After several years of autodidactism studying core concepts in life sciences, he took courses in the ground principles of biochemistry, physiology, genetics, and immunology at Harvard Medical School HMX. He acquired a deeper knowledge of biochemical constitutions, molecular biological structures and the core medical concepts of treatment and prevention of disease.
Since 2012, Patrick has been working intensively on recent studies on epigenetics, microbiology, salutogenesis, nutritional science and theories of intuitive nutrition that all together are the key to a healthy and joyful life. His work is about improving global health and global peace through cultivating intuitive choices.
Patrick teaches around the globe through personal encounters, individual counselling, seminars, lectures and contribute as an author at Paracelsus Naturopathic School publishing articles regarding holistic health. ”

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