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Dr. Yana Heussen

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// May I…

Im Gespräch

Wer bist du? Was macht dich aus? 

Ich bin eine neugierige, herzliche und mutige Frau, die gerne mit anderen etwas auf die Beine stellt und ihre Courage für das Wohl aller einsetzt.

Was bringst du ein?

Courage, Achtsamkeitsbasierte Emotionale Intelligenz, (Neuro-)Psychologie, New Work-Consulting, Training und Coaching mit Schwerpunkt auf (Self-)leadership

Warum stehst du am morgen auf?

Wegen meiner Freude, Neugier und meinem Wollen, meine civic duty wahrzunehmen, mich um mich, andere und den Planeten Erde zu kümmern.

Für was setzt du dich ein?

Für ein mutiges, herzliches und produktives Miteinander

Was willst du noch lernen?

Wie wir unsere Verantwortung für uns selbst noch besser wahrnehmen können.

Welche Fragen stellst du dir?

Ob ich morgen noch die selben Antworten geben würde.

// About


The warmth, passion and courage of Dr. Yana Heussen inspired many people to foster their inner potential in the realm of her keynotes, executive coachings and trainings.

These three rivers of her life unite, moving the watermill of her work:
First, her social neuroscience knowledge acquired during her work on her doctorate’s degree and publications in social neuroscience.
Second, her daily insight meditation practice and regular retreats since 2009.
Third, her experience as a consultant managing multinational multimillion Euro projects.

As a co-founder of the “The Mindful Company” she sparks and facilitates a cultural shift towards mindful leadership, increasing focus, connection, courage and impact with (neuro-)science-based practices in international companies such as eBay, Axel Springer, Bombardier and Soundcloud. Her participants valued her “inspiring charisma and authenticity, embodying curiosity and kindness.”

Also, she is a co-founder of the non-profit “Mindful Leadership Circle”. It is a network of leaders and experts bringing mindfulness and compassion into organizations, society and self. Here, she leads the event series “Walk the Talk”, developed to take our practice off the cussion and into the world, so we face our civic duty to take care of our planet earth gracefully.
Last, but not least, Yana enjoys nature, traveling, salsa music and yoga, among many, many other things.

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